Comma CV Lith-Moly Grease

A lithium based grease of Number 2 (medium) consistency, containing Molybdenum disulphide.  Ideally suited to use in constant velocity or homokinetic joints.

500G: £7.25

Comma Multipurpose Grease

  • Suitable for chassis, wheel bearings, hubs, universal joints and electric motor bearings
  • Good temperature tolerance - stable in hot conditions but still flows when cold
400G: £4.45
500G: £5.49

Comma Spray Grease

  • Penetrates and lubricates chains, cables, linkages, hinges, catches, locks, etc
  • Easy application with extra tube & nozzle for hard to reach areas
500G: £6.49

Comma High Performance Bearing Grease

  • Very high quality heavy-duty lithium complex grease for all wheel bearings
  • High level of protection over a wide temperature range
  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties giving longer bearing life
500G: £7.49

Comma Copper Ease

  • Anti-seize assembly compound, with extreme temperature tolerance (-40°C to +1150°C)
  • Forms a dense protective coating over metal parts - will not wash or burn off
  • Helps prevent brake disc squeal when applied to the back of brake pads
500G: £8.99
500ML Aerosol: £9.99

Granville Red Rubber Grease

A special, rubber compatible grease for use on hydraulic brake and clutch components where hardening or swelling of rubber must be avoided.
Useful in assembly of rubber components for brake, clutch and suspension units

500G: £14.99