Engine Additives

Wynns Engine Flush

Wynns Engine Flush is a high detergent concentrate designed to clean all oil systems prior to oil change.

Cleans engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and differentials internally, and efficiently dissolves varnish, slush and other contaminents.  Neutralises acids, and frees sticking internal components by dissolving deposits.  Compatible with all types and grades of oil.

425ML: £5.99

Wynns Engine Stop Leak

Wynns Engine Stop Leak is a special blend of chemicals formulated to stop engine oil leaks and drips that can result from the drying out and shrinking of engine neoprene, rubber seals and o-rings.

  • Prevents and stops oil leaks without demounting
  • Restores elasticity in rubber and neoprene oil seals and o-rings
  • Does not harm catalytic converters
325ML: £7.49

Wynns Supercharge Oil Treatment

Wynns Supercharge Oil Treatment is a product which stops excessive oil consumption.

  • Improves the viscosity index of lubrication oils and restores compression and power
  • Quietens noisy engines and protects against corrosion, oxidation, rust and wear
425ML: £6.49

Wynns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment

Wynns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment is an oil soluble supplement developed to clean away internal engine deposits that create noise and reduce efficiency.

  • Restores efficient working of hydraulic valve lifters and lubricates and releases sticking valves
  • Reduces valve train noise and restores lost power
  • Is 100% oil soluble and is compatible with mineral and synthetic oils
350ML: £8.99

Wynns Stop Smoke

Wynns Stop Smoke is an oil soluble supplement designed to reduce exhaust smoke due to oil burning.

  • Seals the gaps between worn engine components and reduces engine noise
  • Is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils and will not harm catalytic converters
350ML: £6.99

Lucas Oil Stabiliser

Lucas Oil Stabiliser is a 100% petroleum product formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine. It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures. Since it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil.

  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Raises oil pressure
  • Increases power and miles per gallon
1L: £18.99

STP Oil Treatment

STP Oil Treatment is a high-viscosity formula specially formulated to help fight metal-to-metal friction by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts

  • Protect against engine wear
  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Protect engine parts
450ML: £6.49

Slick 50 Engine Treatment

Slick 50®; Advanced Formula Engine Treatment combines Slick 50®; Protection Chemistry with a fully formulated 10W-30 motor oil to provide protection against friction and heat.

  •     Contains unique and proprietary Slick 50®; Protection Chemistry
  •     Protects against friction and heat
  •     Will not cause corrosion of engine components
  •     Comes with a 50,000 Mile Engine Limited Warranty
750ML: £27.50