Glass Fibre and Resin

FastGlas Glass Fibre Kit

FastGlas Glass Fibre Kits contain everything to create, construct and repair with glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). They contain resin, hardener, matting, mixing cup, gloves and detailed instructions on how to produce a fast curing opaque laminating polyester resin for a multitude of environments.

Available in two sizes

Small: £11.99
Large: £21.99

FastGlas Glass Fibre Mat

FastGlas Glass Fibre Mat is a strong, high quality matting for construction of GRP.  Simply cut to size, lay in place and impregnate with resin to create a durable finish in any shape you require

0.55 Sq M: £5.99

FastGlas Resin

FastGlas Resin is a fast curing opaque laminating polyester resin designed to be used in the construction of hard-wearing high quality GRP.  Needs to be mixed with hardener to cure

Available in two sizes

250ML: £6.75
1L: £19.99